Social Studies/Vocabulary/Spelling

Social Studies and Vocabulary/Spelling
Mr. Chinua Melton


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This year in Social Studies, students will learn about the history of the United States from the first Americans through the Civil War.  Geography, government, and Texas history will also be included. Fourth graders are introduced to essay writing as a way to express their historical knowledge. 
First quarter curriculum
Geography and map reading skills.  We will begin by reviewing world and U.S. geography including the locations of the seven continents, major oceans, latitude, longitude, and U.S. land forms. Students will also review and learn new geographic terms and practice their map reading skills.
The First Americans.  Topics included in this unit are ancient Americans, Native Americans of the Northwest, Southwest, Plains, and the East. Students will learn about these first Americans and how their environments and locations affected their culture, housing, and food. Students will create maps with detailed information about each location of the Native Americans.
Age of Exploration. We will start with an overview of world travel and trade in the 13th century and the Silk Road. Students will also learn about new ideas in Europe, Europeans Arrival in the Americas, Conquest of the Americas, Spanish Explorers, and New Spain. The students will explore a "sunken ship" by finding pictures of artifacts and researching why the explorers would have needed those artifacts on board. 
We will be using the Wordly Wise 3000, Book 4 to learn new vocabulary words and how to spell them.  The students will have approximately two weeks for each vocabulary and spelling unit during the first semester and usually one week during the second semester. Test dates will be listed on the homework site. 
Resources for Vocabulary/Spelling:  Vocabulary/ is a great place to study for spelling and vocabulary tests.  The site offers practice tests and a few games to play for free.  To use, go to www.vocabulary/ Take practice tests and play spelling games to learn your words.